Sponsorship and donations

Thank you for considering Leighs Construction as a potential sponsor for your project or initiative. 

As well as constructing great buildings, we are strongly committed to playing a role in supporting our wider community through sponsorship of the arts, sporting, educational and other community initiatives.

If you would like to apply for sponsorship or request a donation, please read our guidelines below.

Sponsorship Request

Leighs Construction considers sponsorship of teams, organisations, events or initiatives that provide Leighs Construction the opportunity to:

  • Communicate our company values of Pride, Passion and Excellence
  • Build and develop the reputation of our brand
  • Showcase Leighs Construction projects
  • Create a tangible connection with our communities and provide benefits to our employees and clients

Proposals are unlikely to be considered if they:

  • are based solely on the value of client relationships
  • discriminate or may be perceived to discriminate in any manner whatsoever
  • involve an unacceptable level of risk or danger
  • support individuals only (individual employees of Leighs Construction considered at Managing Director’s discretion)
  • support religious or political groups or events
  • sponsor naming rights for buildings

The following information will be required by Leighs Construction to enable a thorough evaluation of your proposal:

The name and details of your organisation

  • Contact details, including phone and email
  • A detailed description of the team, organisation, event or initiative
  • Contribution or involvement requested
  • Where and when the event is being held (if relevant)
  • How your brand aligns with Leighs Construction
  • What the reach of the activity will be (e.g. national, local) and likely demographics
  • Details of any other confirmed sponsorship partners
  • Period of time sponsorship will be required
  • What rights and benefits are being offered to Leighs Construction - (e.g. opportunities for client entertainment, exclusivity, signage or support)
  • Estimated exposure for Leighs Construction (media/stats etc)

As we receive a large number of sponsorship requests and applications, a process is in place to ensure correct evaluation of the sponsorship opportunity.  It should be noted that Leighs Construction receives many of these applications, and that we are able to support only a minority of these requests, as the majority of our sponsorship funding is already committed to our ongoing partnerships.

Please send your application to the address below:

Communications & Submissions Manager
Leighs Construction Limited
PO Box 11191

Or email: nikki.hawkey@leighsconstruction.co.nz

Assessment of Applications

Receipt of your application will be acknowledged initially via email.  Every applicant will be advised in writing of the outcome of their proposal or discussion.

Successful Sponsorship Applications

Most successful sponsorship applications will be required to enter into a formal arrangement via a Sponsorship Agreement with Leighs Construction, which details the level of benefits agreed to, performance level required, method of evaluation and payment terms.  For smaller successful sponsorship applications that may not require a formal agreement, the Communications & Submissions Manager will discuss and agree with you payment terms and any other necessary matters.

All benefits agreed to in the Sponsorship Agreement must be delivered within the agreed timeframe, including ensuring logo placement and leverage deliverables are met.  The Communications & Submissions Manager will provide all logos and necessary branding, which MUST be approved by the Communications & Submissions Manager, before any printing or publishing.

An evaluation of the sponsorship opportunity will be required, detailing all activity undertaken, exposure received by Leighs Construction and other relevant activities.

We review sponsorship applications on a regular basis and aim to respond to successful applicants with 28 days of their application.

Donation Request

Leighs Construction receives many enquiries each week from various community organisations, charities and individuals requesting cash donations.

Unfortunately, we cannot support all requests as cash donations are limited due to our ongoing partnerships and current commitments.

Organisations can register their interest by submitting a request in writing to Communications & Submissions Manager. Contact details listed above.