Leighs raises the bar in health and safety standards 18 May 2015

Leighs is delighted to announce that we have achieved full certification for compliant health and safety systems in accordance with AS/NZS 4801:2001. Leighs s one of the few major players in the industry to have achieved such accreditation.

Anthony Leighs, our managing director, says Leighs has established an internal culture that promotes zero harm, from Board level involvement through to on-site employees and contractors.

“Health and safety is endorsed at the very top of our company and I’m thrilled that everyone has come on board to achieve our goal of AS/NZS 4801:2001 certification. Getting this level of certification requires educating staff as to what the expectations are, and having everyone meet them. The fact that we have met this requirement at the same time as more than quadrupling our staff numbers over the past two years demonstrates that our employees understand the emphasis we place on the importance of health and safety,” says Anthony.

For Leighs , the benefits of an effective health and safety management system include reducing workplace illness or injury, minimising the costs associated with workplace accidents, meeting industrial relations requirements, meeting legal requirements and being ethical.

“It’s a win/win outcome for both the employer and employees.” 

The AS/NZS 4801 accreditation process begins with a two day systems audit, with two auditors scrutinising the systems to ensure they meet all criteria. Any issues that need to be addressed are identified, and a timeframe of six months is given to have these additional systems in place. Stage two involves the auditors spending three days looking at how the systems are being implemented across the business and seeks proof of implementation. Any areas where implementation needs to be improved are identified at this stage, and the applicant given another six months to review and improve. The certification is valid for three years, with surveillance audits taking place annually before a full audit to renew certification.

“The effort that has been put in by our health and safety team has been exceptional, and we know this standard will further help to enhance our health and safety management systems. To be ready above and beyond the change in health and safety legislation that is coming later this year is a great position for us to be in,” says Anthony.