How we employ our Filipino carpenters25 March 2013

There has been much comment in the media in recent times about the immigration of Filipino workers to help with the Christchurch rebuild.
Leighs Construction was the first major construction company in Christchurch to engage qualified Filipino carpenters. The first group of 25 arrived on 26 September 2012 and were immediately integrated into our project teams. A second group of 20 arrived in late February and another small group of six will arrive next month.

Leighs Construction began looking overseas for builders to work on its projects after trying unsuccessfully to employ suitably qualified tradespeople from New Zealand.

Our HR and site management staff went to Manila to assess the potential to attract qualified carpenters.

Leighs Construction managed the recruitment directly with a reputable Filipino recruitment agency and the Philippines Overseas Employment Agency.

Leighs Construction does not involve either a New Zealand recruitment agency or immigration consultant.  A highly comprehensive process was developed to ensure those chosen had the necessary qualifications, the right level of skills, could speak English well, and were the right fit for our business.

From the first 450 applicants, Leighs Construction selected 25 and paid all recruitment costs and their airfares to New Zealand. The Filipinos were not charged, including no costs being borne by the candidates in the Philippines or due to relocation. Accommodation is provided but they are charged rent.

They are on two-year work contracts, and are employed and paid on the same terms and rates as New Zealand workers.

Leighs' Filipino carpenters were featured on Campbell Live on 25 Mar 2013. 

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