Getting set for a Fanfare04 December 2014

Remedial work being undertaken on the Fanfare sculpture is well underway at Leighs’ Rolleston yard. The Fanfare sculpture, designed by Christchurch artist Neil Dawson, is a 20m diameter sphere made up of structural steel members, which supports 360 1.5m wide pinwheels.

Fanfare was originally commissioned as a New Year celebration to see in 2005 in Australia, where it was lifted up under the Sydney Harbour Bridge at the stroke of midnight. After the Christchurch earthquakes, the sculpture was donated to the city of Christchurch.

SCAPE Public Art has been busy fundraising to have Fanfare erected permanently on the Northern Motorway just south of the Waimakariri Bridge.  Extensive work is needed to convert Fanfare from a temporary structure to a permanent one that can be galvanised in place. Over 350m of welding is required, along with 540 end plates requiring fitting and welding. 

In early 2015, Fanfare will be in place welcoming visitors and those returning to the city.