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Health & Safety

Planning for Safety

Leighs Construction is wholly committed to ensuring the safety of everyone working for, and with us.

Leighs projects are delivered in accordance with our overarching Health and Safety and Environmental policies.

Health & Safety Communication and Engagement

All staff, clients, project team members and sub-contractors are expected to actively engage and participate in H&S management. Our communication and engagement activities include:
  • Daily start-ups, which highlight any potential H&S issues or hazards

  • Hazards boards

  • Site-wide tool box talks

  • H&S representatives on all sites

  • H&S Committee structure

  • Access to forms and technology (including QR codes) to instantly log incidents or ideas for improvements

  • H&S Awards

Leighs prepares a Project Safety Plan for each of its projects. These plans are developed in consultation with clients and the wider project team to ensure they capture all project elements, hazards, risks and issues. Project Safety Plans become the basis for managing H&S on our projects; they are audited regularly and all findings are shared with clients.

Other H&S-related planning documents to support the safe and sustainable delivery of Leighs projects include:

  • Project Execution Plan

  • Traffic Management 

  • Environmental Controls

  • Site Construction Environmental Management

On our larger projects, we have full-time H&S advisors on site and all projects are supported by regional and national H&S Managers. We also ensure clients and stakeholders (e.g. neighbouring properties and businesses) are informed if our activities have the potential to impact beyond project boundaries.

Environmental Policy

Leighs understands our activities can have an impact on the environment. Our efforts to minimise our environmental impacts include:

  • Sourcing materials and products used in the construction process from renewable or sustainable markets

  • Utilising the latest construction techniques and best practice methods to reduce the noise, dust, fumes, and vibrations caused by construction practices

  • Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill by implementing recycling programmes

  • Developing a robust procurement system that ensures only the right materials and products are sourced

  • Preventing unauthorised discharge of stormwater; ensuring any runoff is treated appropriately

  • Programming and sequencing operations to lessen the effects of noise and vibration

  • Monitoring any impact our activities have on the environment.

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