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Leighs’ supportive company culture adds value to the service we offer, enabling our teams to produce work that our clients can be proud of, while also meeting our own high standards.


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Collaboration is an essential principle in all that we do. We’re selective in who we work with, choosing to align ourselves only with people and projects that inspire complete confidence. Our partners are involved in planning, with frequent communication ensuring progress is measurable and visible to all.


Strategy is crucial. Over two decades, we’ve refined a strategic approach to the planning and execution of projects. Our continued success rests on a foundation of meticulous planning, intelligent management of staff and constant review of procedures and policies.


We utilise innovative technology to enhance our work output, streamline our communication, improve project management, ensure site safety, and give clients enduring confidence.


Leighs has experienced considerable growth over 25 years in business, through strong governance and careful management of risk. Our balance sheet has strengthened in advance of our growth, guaranteeing that we have the financial resources appropriate to the scale and duration of the projects we undertake.

With a diverse mix of commercial projects, by both size and sector, our clients mainly comprise government entities, public corporations and established private investors. The company retains sufficient bonding capacity for further growth.