What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship combines practical training in the industry with study. As an Apprentice Carpenter, you’ll work alongside experienced staff to gain the skills and experience you need to support your study. Your apprenticeship is complete once you gain a Level 4 Certificate in Carpentry.

What we look for in a new apprentice:

• A passion for construction
• A desire for practical / hands on work experience
• A commitment to the apprenticeship programme

What we want from our apprentices:

• To complete your apprenticeship in 3 – 4 years
• Be a good company representative
• Attend classes as required
• Develop your tool key and maintain your work diary

What Leighs offers our apprentices:

• Paid employment during and after your apprenticeship
• Mentors to assist with your training and development
• Monthly meetings with mentors and management
• Pay reviews based on completion of unit standards

What is the role of my training provider?

Your training provider has a key role to play in providing off-the-job training, assessing your progress towards achieving your qualifications and supporting you during your apprenticeship. We work closely with your training provider to ensure you continue to reach the standards required to achieve your qualifications.