Health & Safety at Leighs Construction

Our Health & Safety vision:

“To promote the highest possible standards of safety, health and welfare in our workplace, and to conduct our activities at all times, without risk to our employees, sub-contractors or the public.”

Leighs places a strong emphasis on the way in which we carry out our projects, to ensure we do not harm our staff, our suppliers or members of the public, or cause damage to property. We have full certification for compliant health and safety systems in accordance with AS/NZS 4801:2001. Leighs Construction is one of the few major players in the industry to have achieved such accreditation.

For each new project, we develop and operate a complex and effective health and safety system that complies with the requirements of the New Zealand Government ACC Workplace Safety Management Programme, Tertiary Level, and we are AppCon approved 97%. Leighs has been a member since 2013.

Leighs Site Safety Plans are prepared in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, recognising the fundamental objective of that Act, which is to promote excellence in health and safety management.

Leighs, as an industry champion, is fully committed to Site Safe principals. Site Safe Passports are required to be held by all persons working on site and all staff are provided with a Site Specific Induction by the Site Manager upon commencement on site. All persons who work on our sites are required to provide proof that they hold the necessary training and certification to undertake the works they are employed to do e.g. anyone working at heights or using a fall arrest system will require 15757 training.

In addition, a monthly External Health and Safety Audit (importance weighted) is carried out on each site by Lucas Safety, including auditing both documentation and health and safety practice, with results provided to the Principal as part of a two-weekly site meeting report. Leighs aims for results greater than the industry accepted norm (85%), and is regularly achieving scores in excess of 92%. Leighs is a member of the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter; an agreement on health and safety between the leaders of a number of government organisations and companies leading the rebuild. Leighs has also recently become a member of the Business Leaders Health and Safety Forum. The Forum supports its members to become more effective leaders on health and safety and has a vision to bring leaders together with a common vision for ZeroHarm Workplaces.